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Solidarity Shirt (White) APTP

$25.00 / Sold Out

100% of profit from this Run will be going directly to Anti-Police Terror Project. It feels appropriate to focus these resources generated from this towards this beautiful project that promotes Black autonomy and advocacy in Oakland, a city that has deep history in resistance and resilience around the movement of Black Liberation.

As we have all been so heavily absorbing the onslaught of despicable and unforgivable police behavior in the last week, whether on the front lines, or via social media, I found the most important video I've seen to be that of George Floyd's daughter celebrating her father's life and legacy, "Daddy changed the woooorld!". Nothing can ever justify the murder of an innocent person under a corrupt and racist system, but I would like to offer these shirts in celebration of the life of George Floyd and his role in our times, which has become the largest civil right movement in world history. I wanted to make an image, that of a children's book, that articulates the importance of this moment to a child that may be confused by all of this necessary direct action.

These graphics are a response to the corrupt infrastructure that has plagued marginalized communities for too long. These were printed in solidarity with all victims of Police Brutality and all folks standing up to dismantle this broken system, by any means necessary.